I am skilled in the fine art of comic bookery

Alrighty, let's push that old stuff down and link to the new stuff.

I started a web comic called Hooray! a while ago and you can read it at my livejournal, eventually I'll get around to putting it on this site but until then:

Click me! This is a link to Hooray!

All of these comics are drawn by me, eric. If you enjoy them then why not send me an email saying how they have enriched and changed your life.

New comics - these're just a lot of randomness thrown together for fun and profit! 8 of them.

Bath time - Bored, so I drew this little page. Nothing special but I like it.

NASA 1 2 3 4 5 6 - a comic for The Book of Inflatable, a collection my friends at SVA put together, each story had to have something inflatable in it, can you spot the inflatable part in my comic? I believe in you!

Death - comic strip that appeared in a real live newspaper!

Bill's Adventure - Random comic I drew a while ago.

Robot VS Gorilla - [7 pages]

My 24 Hour Comic - [20 pages]

3 Genie Stories - 1,2,3

Brian - page 1, page 2

Regrets - a comic by me written by Jess

More constantly on the way