Link a dink a doo

Here are all the places that I go that you will now go to. Not because i like them, but because I am telling you to go... Now.

Jess Fink dot com! - This is where my girlfriend hides on the internet! ENJOY HER! But not too much please. That's bad touch.

Adventure Game Studio - This is the engine that i use to make my adventure games. It is most excellent.

New Hat Stories - Tom Hart's website. He is an artist and one of my teachers. Enjoy him.

Rodekill - Shawn Guzzo's website, he made "Rodekill: A Day in the Life" and is a zombie lord. PHEAR HIM!

INFARCT - Random clicking about the internet brings me to this kids site and his wonderful wonderful comics. Love it.

White Ninja Comics - If comics were people I would marry White Ninja. But only if he wanted to get married. I'd never force it on him (It would also have to be legal in whatever state we choose to live in).

Daily Dinosaur Comic - This is the comic that I'd cheat on White Ninja with... We'd have secret love affairs in hotels across the nation.

A Softer World - This is the comic that I'd confess my affair to and it would act really interested and try and help... Then it would make fun of me in a comic.

Achtung Franz - Ya know what? All that stuff I said before about marrying comics? Forget it... This is the comic I'd marry and be totally faithfull to.