That’s it! The end of Chapter 4! Thanks so much for reading! I think this was my favorite chapter to work on so far! I hope you enjoyed it!



i was at the Ottawa Comic Con, flogging my own comic, but i wanted to let you know that you were 1 of 2 artists at TCAF i had my cousin swing by specially. I love this comic THAT MUCH.

it is by far the best pick up from TCAF and from Ottawa.

anyways, loved the books, loved the next chapter. totally bummed by the fact that i will have to wait even LONGER due to my total lack of patience (lol irony).

can i link Rutabaga on my site? do you have a banner (268 x 60)?

have an awesome day!

Oh boy! This is so kind of you to say! I was having a bad week but this totally made up for it! Gosh! Thank you so much! May I ask what the other book was?

And please, feel free to link to my site! I do not have a banner, though.

I’ve been meaning to read Rutabaga, and when I sat down today I was only going to read a little but it was too much fun. Just kept reading until I ran out of pages. Looking forward to more!

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