FULL DISCLOSURE! I never beat this game. I owned it. Played it for years. Never saw a single mini-boss. The open worldness of it had me lost forever. People talked of Ridley being awesome but I never even saw his sprite until a few years ago. I found out Samus was a girl from Nintendo Power and the Justin Bailey code.


Holy crap Eric, you played as a female game character three decades ago? Your gender identity must have never recovered!

Forget the fact that female gamers play have to play as male characters all the damn time.

It’s a joke, Kristin. That isn’t me. It’s just a comic.

Yes, it is a joke. An old joke right up there with “ZOMG SHEIK’S ZELDA!”

Samus being female was a huge shock for everyone. I wasn’t even alive when the game came out, but I’ve heard plenty of stories about how surprised people were. I’m fairly certain it’s one of the greatest twists in video game history.


There weren’t exactly any strong female characters in the 80s, so it was more a shocker to realize, “Hey, this medium doesn’t have to be dominated by male characters.”

Honestly, if you want to get all up in arms about the Metroid series, take it up with Metroid: Other M. The whole game is a giant show of sexism against females that takes away any strength, personality, or individuality Samus had.

My dad cracked the password code for this game when I was a kid and I was able to play as the girl in normal game mode. He used to ask me “What kind of weapons do you want?” I would tell him and he would give me the code.

I remember one still but dont remember the exact spacing

something like ———— ———-r0 ————- ————m then you can play as the girl

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