Morning Routine

Here is a new comic, I thought it up while cleaning my ears. Thank you for reading!



She killed the little man (voice) in her ear that was criticizing her.

People go back to comment sections all the time for check up on questions they asked, right?

Very nice indeed, but isn’t anybody worried about her using cotton swabs to clear her ears? Really, you’re not supposed to do that. A wet piece of cloth is much better!

Wow I’m glad I read through the other comments and got to read the explanation of the comic. I thought she had body dimorphic disorder and she broke her ear drum and thus righted whatever was off in her head. Kinda like an ear ache throwing off your balance. Great comic.

At first when started reading, i thought oh another funny little self depricating (i cant spell) cartoon, no big deal. But the last panel really made stop for a sec and think deeply about the whole issue of self confidence and what beautiful actually means. Thank you for making me think.

That was powerful. I’m a Body Dysmorphic Disorder sufferer — annoying enough about it to hide from cameras and drive my friends away with my bad attitude toward myself.

My little guy (or gal — mine sounds just like my mother) seems still to be hidden out of Q-Tip reach, but point taken.

That’s great – another message to focus on the importance of skin- deep beauty. Why could’t she feel good about herself irrespective of her outward appearance.

It’s amazing how strongly this resonates with so many people. I catch myself doing this from time to time and I always thought I was in the minority by beating myself up over nothing. It’s helped a lot to stop myself when I do it, but someday, I want to be at the point where I don’t talk crap to myself.

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