Robut Fall Down Go Boom

Here’s a comic! It is about a robut!


Absolutely amazing comic, that ending is so perfect. I can’t put my finger on what makes it so compelling, and that’s REALLY intriguing to me. I think the execution of the robot being subjected to death is very novel and, in conjunction with your art style, makes for an interesting take on our habit of imbuing robots with “humanity”. Really sparked my thinking about the human condition..

I really quite like this. The dreadful irony appeals to me. I guess it’s kind of a toss up between immortality and humanity.

I dunno, I can’t really say why I like this so much. It’s just… neat.

This is a great use of visual language! I love how event the word balloons use visual language to communicate. Very effective and universal. You have a new follower in me. Thanks!

Nice job!
As I peruse your site, I see you aren’t just a one trick pony, which I really appreciate.
Normally, when I StumbleUpon©®™℗ a web comic, I glance, pretend to chuckle, then move on. Yours is one of the very few that I take the time to archive-dive.
Keep on keepin’ on, and may you always ‘Fuckabout’ successfully!

this is so fantastically wonderful! we’ve all had days where we want to climb to the bottom of a garbage feeling like we have no heart. i’m glad to see even robots understand this. <3

Wow. It took me like. 4 reads to realize that Death was the Scientist who gave him the heart.
You really get a feel for everything in this comic.
I’m a huge fan of your work. I have this website bookmarked.
This is also my first comment on any comic.
Keep up the good work.

It tickled my cheeks pink.

Wonderfully crafted story with excellent pacing that is chock full of emotive gestures enhanced by the ideographic language.

The simplistic drawing style brings a light-heartedness to otherwise, a rather serious topic about robot’s lack of love capability and near immortality.

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