That was excellent! Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Oh, I just noticed, your email address is fake… I guess there is no reason to respond to this…

The email was fake, but the sentiment was real. Even real enough to check back and see if you’d responded.

I went through your whole site after reading this one because it was interesting enough. Would make a good short film.

(I also came here because of the 24 hour Marston on destructoid FYI. Nice way to get some exposure)

Hey Eric! I searched the net for traces of you when I started work on a new game, I used to admire your art, tuts and games what… three or four years ago? Anyway found this and it’s fantastic. The comics look great although I remember some older ones that weren’t bad either. I dig it!

Holy crow, this rocked! Thanks for all the obvious hard work you put into this.

I was linked to you from Jess Fink’s Twitter, who retweeted your fave Tom Waits song. Odd how ya run into new, cool stuff in the most tangential of ways. Serendipity, I think it’s called.

Anyway, keep on keepin’ on!

Stumbled acorss this after seeing 24hour marston in someones sig. Freakin amazing comics. Love the facial expressions on the skeleton, had me rollin. Amazing work, keep it up.

This whole comic was gorgeous. You are a master of skeleton facial expressions! I was moved by his adventures and eventual triumph. I’m so glad I was drawn to your site by that strange comment on proper ear hygiene.

This was awesome. I’ve come to be quite the reader of online comics working at a computer for hours on end and pretending to work. This was incredible. It made me laugh at the subtlety of a family man putting his sword in with the umbrellas next to the door (among other small jokes). Keep up the awesome work, man!

Also, since it seems a trend to explain how we’ve found your work, a number of times using Stumble Upon I’ve gotten your page and the 24 hour strips. Seems to me that a lot of people want to make your work available through social network pages. Hell, I dropped a link to your work on Stumble Upon.

All that aside, please keep it up!

Wish I responded to this sooner! Thank you for being so nice! Is there something I can do to make Stumble Upon users use my site easier? I’ve never really used Stumble Upon to know what you dudes need!

Man oh man oh! What a great comic! Nothing but praise, i got the link from KC Green at Gunshow, yet to check out that blood cloud game. I’m-a tellin all my friends and family!

Heh, been reading your stuff for a while and somehow never checked this out! (Along w/ somma those other links up top…) Sometime during the initial battle into the tomb I decided there was going to be a reversal of roles, battling back and forth for the macguffin, but the way it was executed with ages passing first still caught me off guard. Gosh darn it I want to make comics.

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